Tuesday 29th May 2014 – My Strimmer is in the mower hospital!!

I took my strimmer into a lovely man to see if he could fix my strimmer. I’ve had it since September 2007 I think, and this is the first time that it’s ever gone wrong. I hope he can fix it for me, otherwise I’ll have to buy and new one and read the instructions. I’m a bit lost without it, and it takes so much longer using the hand shears. He said he’d strip it down and see what’s wrong with it, then let me know how much it’ll cost to fix. If it’s more than buying a new one, then I’ll have to do that. Hopefully he can tell me in a couple of days. It was hard to leave it in a strange place with a strange man, but I’ll see it again soon…hopefully. So after a traumatic start to the morning, I then went down the allotment, and finished digging over the bed that I’d started yesterday. I then covered it in a layer of manure, and hopefully tomorrow I can plant out my Sprouting Broccoli in there. But we’ll have to see what the weather brings. I then started another bed, but after three and a half hours of digging, manure spreading and wood chipping paths, I’d had enough. I took my lunch down with me again and sat down for about half an hour. But enough was enough. You get to the point, where you’ve just had enough, and staying any longer would make it a chore. I don’t want that to happen, it should be fun. It was cooler today, with more cloud, so it was much more pleasant. Time now for a well earned cup of tea and maybe I can get in the greenhouse this afternoon to pot on some more tomatoes. But first some watering…..after the tea!

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