Wednesday 21st May 2014 – Only 1 more bed to turn over!

It’s getting very exciting on my plot, well I think it is. I managed to turn over another bed today, and then manure it. So that only leaves only 1 bed to turn over! But on that bed, half of it’s where I dump my manure and the other half is a bit over grown. So I’m hoping that it won’t be too tricky to sort out. At least it’ll be great soil underneath because of the 2 loads of manure that has been sitting on it since October. I also managed to wood chip more of the paths, and got in the rest of my Sprouting Broccoli. Make sure that when you plant out your brassicas that you protect them from birds and gastropods (slugs and snails). We’re supposed to get loads of rain tonight, which we really need. We’ve not had any rain for about a week now, so we really do need it. Let’s hope that what we have is enough, otherwise I’ll have to water again tomorrow. Oh and some really exciting news, even though my baby Great Tits fledged at the weekend, today I saw the parents flying in and out of the box. So I plugged it in to the TV, and low and behold there are a couple of eggs. Now I don’t know if they’re from the first batch that she laid, as only 2 out of the 10 hatched, or if they’re new ones. I’ll keep you updated on their progress.

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