Monday 19th May 2014 – More potting up done, I’m getting there slowly.

I had about an hour this afternoon before I needed to start dinner, so I went in the greenhouse and potted up a few more bits and pieces. The greenhouse wasn’t as hot as it gets during the day, as the sun has moved round. So it’s more pleasant in the greenhouse, and I’m able to stay in there for much longer. I managed to pot up my Cucamelons in 3 inch pots. I’ve got 12 little plants this year and they’re starting to look really good so hopefully they’ll be as prolific as they were last year. Then it was time to start on the tomatoes. I planted 3 varieties this year, and as time was limited before I had to put the oven on, I decided that I would only have time to pot up 1 variety so I opted for the “Big Red F1” variety. I have again 12 little plants. So they’ll stay in 2 inch pots until they’re too big and then I’ll move them on to a bigger pot. But I’ll let you know that when I do it. Time now to get in the bath, I got really dirty on the allotment and in the greenhouse today. I wore my shorts today, so I have rather grubby knees.

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2 Responses to Monday 19th May 2014 – More potting up done, I’m getting there slowly.

  1. rosie says:

    Hi Claire, can you give me tips on how to stop black getting on runner beans and caterpillars off tomatoes thanks…

    • If you find green and black fly on any of your plants, you can either use diluted washing up liquid, or get a spray. They’re little buggers. I had a load on my Broad Beans, but the spray got them sorted. As for caterpillars on tomatoes, it’s not a problem I’ve ever come across. But I would suggest you either pick them off and give them to the birds, but be careful incase they have bristles, or try growing them under cover say a netting, then the butterflies can’t get through to them to lay their eggs. I hope this helps.

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