Wednesday 14th May 2014 – The first of the Kohl Rabi is in.

I managed just under 3 hours at the allotment today before I had to leave to be somewhere else. And there was no being disturbed by thunder and lightning today which was brilliant. When I first arrived on my plot I got out my petrol strimmer to see if it would start. No is the answer to that. In fact the starter cord wouldn’t even move. I’ll have to take it in to get it fixed. Fortunately there is a place very near me. How much it’ll cost is anyones guess. Maybe I can get a quote first. As a back up, just incase the strimmer wanted to be awkward I took my grass shears, so I had to use those to cut the grass. I also managed to weed a load more, and plant the first tray of Kohl Rabi. I’ve got the rest ready to put in tomorrow. Then later this afternoon I potted up the rest of the Ambrosia Cantaloupe melons. They’re all growing well, so I’ve taken the best for myself, and the slightly smaller ones I’ll give to my sister and our allotment plant sale which is in a couple of weeks. If they grown well, I may have a lovely pair of melons to show you later on in the summer!!

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