Tuesday 13th May 2014 – More potting up.

I managed to hide in the greenhouse this afternoon and get on with some more potting up. Firstly I had to make room, which at the moment is easier said than done. So as the Kohl Rabi are ready to go out in the allotment, they have been taken out, and are now on the garden table getting used to the big wide world. I may get some planted out tomorrow, and hopefully the rest on Thursday. After moving round various other plants I potted up my Savoy Cabbage. There are only I think 6 of these, which is fine as I’ve got loads of other cabbages, which are already in the allotment. Then it was the turn of the Okra. They have been growing really well on my kitchen window sill. I sowed 18 seeds and all but 1 germinated. But 3 plants were a bit small and weedy looking, and I accidentally broke 1 stem as I was potting it up, so am left with 13! I’ll give one to my sister next time I see her, I’m sure she’ll enjoy it. I also made a little film about potting them on. Then finally I started on my Cantaloupe Melons that Chuck Fenster sent me. They are growing really well, but I only managed to get a few done as I had to then go and pick Emily up from school (on Tuesday she finished at 5pm). So I’ll have to do the rest tomorrow sometime…or the day after. I’ve been looking at my little Great Tits lately, and they’re growing fast. I expect they’ll fledge in a couple of days, but they don’t seem to be in any hurry. I’ll miss them when they’ve gone.

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5 Responses to Tuesday 13th May 2014 – More potting up.

  1. Reblogged this on Linda's wildlife garden and commented:
    Awesome post Claire thank you for sharing

  2. I love okra flowers! Only one of mine has come up so far but it is still early days. Are you going to keep your in the greenhouse or can they go outside?

    • I’m going to keep them on the window sill for the time being, then when they’re a little bigger then put them in the greenhouse. It’s still early days, and the nights still can get a bit cold. I won’t put them outside in the ground as we just don’t get the temperatures in the UK to suit them.

  3. Let me know how you get on with them.

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