Tuesday 13th May 2014 – Thunder and rain stopped play!

Now I’m not one to let anything get in the way of me gardening, BUT thunder and lightning is one of them AND torrential down pours. This morning I only managed just over 30 minutes of weeding time before the thunder and lightning came a knockin’. There I was minding my own business when there was a flash of lightning. I managed to think….”was that a…” and then BANG! It was practically over head. It was so loud that all the birds in the trees took off and flew away. I was on my knees when the flash came, but ducked down even further when the rumble sounded. Now I’m not scared of thunder and lightning, but don’t like to be in a big open space holding something metal at the time. The sky was looking ominously black, so I decided that even though the sun was still shining that I should give up and go home. Lucky I did, as when I arrived in the house the rain started to come down rather heavily. Still I have loads to do in the greenhouse this afternoon, so if it thunders again, I’m not far from the house. I’ll be lovely and dry in the greenhouse though, so that’s a good thing. Tomorrow is supposed to be wonderful so I’ll finish what I started….There goes another rumble of thunder!

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