Monday 12th May 2014 – I feel like I’m starting to win!

I think I’m at the stage where I’m making progress, and not chasing my tail at the allotment all the time. I finished digging over the last bed on plot 2 today, so they’re all dug and manured now. All I need to do now is to go through all the beds and meticulously remove any weeds, and then strim the the grass round the outside. I did start to weed today, and got 3 beds done. So tomorrow (weather depending) I’ll carry on weeding each bed and if I’m lucky my strimmer will start and I can get the grass strimmed. It will be the first time I’ve used the strimmer this year, so the likely hood of it starting first time is very low. Saying that, last year it started without any problems, so keep your fingers crossed that all will be simple again this year. I think I may take down my shears just incase. Once plot 2 is perfect them I can put all my attention onto plot 1. This does have about half of it all sorted already, but I can then tackle the other half, which I’m not looking at because it has too many tall weeds and grass on at the moment. The wind was much better than over the weekend, it blew very hard sometimes and it was very tricky to do anything out in the garden. Rain is due later, but it could be hit and miss. If we do get rain, we may get thunder thrown in for good measure. I don’t mind, as long as the kids are home from school before it starts, and Mark can avoid any showers on his way home from the station.

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4 Responses to Monday 12th May 2014 – I feel like I’m starting to win!

  1. Congratulations on feeling you are making progress. The weather was a bit hit and miss today but I hope it is dry for the rest of the week so I can cut the grass on my allotment down.

  2. We’ve been very lucky this week, so I’ve got loads done.

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