Thursday 15th May 2014 – More seedlings are now in.

I love this time of year when you can start getting all your seedlings in the ground that you’ve cared for since they were seeds. It must be the same feeling when your children finally leave home. I’ve not experienced that yet, and to be honest, am not really looking forward to it. Today I planted out the rest of my Kohl Rabi, so they’re now all in. Then in the same bed I planted out my Cauliflowers. I have 8 very strong plants, so hopefully I’ll get a lovely big purple flower on each of them. And then finally my Broccoli Spring Sprouting mixture. As with all brassicas make sure that you protect them from the birds by using netting or something similar, and also protect from slugs and snails at the bottom. Which ever way you feel is best for you. I doubt if I’ll be able to get to the allotment tomorrow afternoon, as I’m working in the morning, but I’ll see how I feel. I would like to get down and do something, but only time will tell. Hopefully I’ll get chance to go in the greenhouse this afternoon to do some more potting on, and get the next lot of seedlings on the garden table ready for their trip up to the allotment next week. We’re having a glorious day today, very sunny this morning, and a little cloudy this afternoon, but at least no rain and thunder. Apparently the rest of the week is supposed to be wonderful, so if you’ve got the same weather as I have, I hope you enjoy it.

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8 Responses to Thursday 15th May 2014 – More seedlings are now in.

  1. Kohl Rabi, eh? Hmmm, delicious ….. that’s a crop we haven’t tried to grow yet. Will be very interested to hear how you get on!

  2. Jim and Becky says:

    Have you ever used diatenatious earth to protect against ground pests?

  3. So good to have fine weather, isn’t it!

    One of my neighbours at the allotment has been using beer to collect her slugs and found that to be effective.

  4. Oh that’s ok. I was starting to panic!!

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