Wednesday 7th May 2014 – Cabbages ahoy!!

Well I just about managed a couple of hours on the allotment this morning before the rain started. But I got done what I wanted to. Firstly it was yet more weeding, which at the moment is quite easy to do as the soil is fairly dry so the weeds are coming up relativley easily. Once space was cleared, then more manure was spread. I’m going through the mound that my friend Clair delivered on Saturday really fast, so may need another loads in the next few weeks or so. I also planted out some of my Cabbage, the variety is “Primo”. These ones don’t have to wait until frost has passed so that’s good, and it’s made more room in the greenhouse for other things. I had to also buy some new netting. I’ve had mine for years, and I’ve been patching it up for several years. But now it’s passed it, so I had to invest in some new stuff. Hopefully it’ll keep the birds off my brassicas!! Well I think that’s all for today, and tomorrow is supposed to pour down, so going to the allotment isn’t an option, but I’m working all day so that’s ok. We’ll have to see what friday afternoon brings.

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6 Responses to Wednesday 7th May 2014 – Cabbages ahoy!!

  1. Yes, let’s hope Friday is a good day. Good that you’ve made some space in the greenhouse.

    • Friday afternoon is very windy, and to be honest I’m exhausted from working with a class of years 5’s this morning. The weekend is busy too, so hopefully monday will be good.

  2. keesdeboon says:

    Hey Claire, love your blog! Its on my blogroll from now on! Great story’s so keep up the good work! (greetz from a Dutch allotmenteer 😉

    • I’m so pleased that someone from Holland is following me, that’s amazing. Hope you keep enjoying my little blogs. Nothing on the allotment today a gale is a blowing!!

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