Big Allotment Challenge – Episode 4

What an exciting programme it was this week. Firstly we started with Aubergines. Now I’ve tried many times to grow these, and always different varieties. I only did well one year, and that was before I started with my allotment videos. If the weather is too cold then they don’t like it. I did love Kate and Eleanor’s phallic specimen. Something that I would grow myself. I wonder what Jim Buttress would have said if they’d have presented that one on the bench!! Then we came to sunflowers for the second challenge. Again I’ve grown a variety of these, from Russian Giants that I think grew to about 13 feet tall, to Teddy Bears which are so called because they look so fluffy. I grew this mutant one a couple of years ago…

"My Freaky Sunflower", it has 6 others growing in the middle of the 1 flower.

“My Freaky Sunflower”, it has 6 others growing in the middle of the 1 flower.

Congratulations to Alex and Ed for their sunflower specimens and their Topiary Tree. Ed was clearly very happy about that. Then finally we came to Pickles and Piccalilli. Now I love both, and my mum makes a mean Piccalilli. It should be crunchy with not too much sauce, that’s my opinion. It’s very difficult to find any decent ones in the shops. Congratulations to Gary and Pete our 2 bearded wonders for getting Best in Show for theirs. Then to the sad part of having to say goodbye to another pair. I was sitting wondering who it would be, not wanting any of them to go. But it was Victoria and Shirley’s time. Well done ladies for getting so far, and I hope you had a wonderful time.

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