Dwarf Beans are sown!

Well I wasn’t expecting to get these done today as well as all the other bits and pieces, but I managed. George was on the computer doing homework, and I had a spare hour before I needed to leave to pick up Emily. So not wanting to waste any time I popped to the greenhouse armed with my “Purple Teepee” Dwarf French beans. I’ve grown these ones before, and they did really well. Because they’re a dwarf variety they don’t any staking, and will only grow to about 12 inches tall. Which is perfect if you have either run out of long stick, or want to plant them in a container. They’re very prolific, so be warmed when they get going they produce loads of beans.  I think that’s definitely it for today as far as the allotment and garden are concerned. Time to get cleaned up, and a good sleep to give me loads of energy for tomorrows adventure down the allotment. TTFN xx

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3 Responses to Dwarf Beans are sown!

  1. Maybe I will try out runner beans next year – no staking sounds good 🙂

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