Thursday 1st May 2014 – I managed to miss the rain.

Having looked at the weather for today, it didn’t look very likely that a trip to the allotment would be on the cards. But not wanting to be told what I can and can’t do, I took the plunge and went down the allotment. We’d had lots of rain the night before, so weeding was a bit tricky, so instead I decided to best spend my time wood chipping more of my paths and pulling up the long grass and weeds from the fruit patch (when the soil dried out then I can weed). I found my 2 Gooseberry bushes, and then can across my Goji. It’s a very robust plant and seems to survive being covered in grass. I did get a fair amount done, but my lower arms are all scratched from the thorns on the Gooseberry bushes. It then started to drizzle again, and I felt that after just under 2 hours of weeding was enough and went home for a well earned cup of tea. Just as well I left when I did, as when I got home it really poured with rain. Tomorrow is supposed to be dry, so I’ll get up there again and carry on. Along with 3 chaps from the Council who were mowing the grass, I was the only allotment holder. I’m either a hardy gardener, or slightly insane!

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2 Responses to Thursday 1st May 2014 – I managed to miss the rain.

  1. There is always the finest line between determined and clinically nutty. 🙂 It is funny though, I always try to weed after the rain or watering because the weeds come out easier. Of course we never get a LOT of rain.

    • The soil was still rather wet this morning, so weeding was again a bit tricky. Still I got some done. I think I lean more towards the clinically nutty side rather than the determined side.

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