Friday 2nd May 2014 – My Asparagus is finally in.

I sowed some Asparagus seeds last year in a pot in the greenhouse, with the intention of transplanting them when they were big enough. However, other jobs at the allotment took over, and I never got round to it. I left the pots of asparagus in the greenhouse, and didn’t give them any attention at all. I thought that I’d killed them, but some how they were still alive. When I went in the greenhouse at the beginning of the spring this year, I looked at them, removed their brown tops and there looking at me were some new shoots! So today I planted them out in the allotment. They have a lovely bed, full of manure and leaves, so hopefully they’ll forget that I abandoned them. I won’t get any spears until next year as they need time to settle, but hopefully they’ll grow well, and I can harvest some in the near future. We love asparagus at home. I roast it in the oven, and sprinkle some parmesan cheese on top. Mark reckons it make his wee smell, but I’ll take his word on that.

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3 Responses to Friday 2nd May 2014 – My Asparagus is finally in.

  1. Reblogged this on Linda's wildlife garden and commented:
    Awesome post Claire thank you for sharing

  2. Heather Livesey says:

    Hi Claire, this post and you tube video inspired me to sow some asparagus seed. I’ve just been in the green house (end Feb) to see new shoots starting. I just wondered how your’s got on last year?
    Regards Heather

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