Wednesday 30th April 2014 – Yet more carrots!

As I was sowing some carrots a little while ago, I realised that I’d not got as many as I usually do. For some reason I had not got any purple ones. How this happened I don’t know. So last week on a rainy day I went to my local garden centre and bought some more. I have now planted “Autumn King 2” and “Rainbow Mix”. Hopefully we’ll now have enough carrots to last us a while. We do eat lots of them, and they’re used in so many meals. I also managed to dig over another small bed, and started on a huge one. I then watered lots of my seedlings, which are growing well. We have been forecast heavy down pours the last few days, but as yet have not got anything. I’m sure we’ll get lots of rain soon, but the ground has been getting rather dry. Not something I would expect to happen in April. So another successful morning which is good. And finally a very Happy Birthday to my lovely son George! He is 12 today, and has been saving up his Christmas money, pocket money and birthday money to put towards a new drum kit!! Mark and I are going to put the rest of the money towards it. It’s an electric one, so not a huge amount of noise. He’s got a very good beat, and always has, so if he works hard at it, then maybe instead of being a fireman when he’s older he can be a drummer in  a rock and roll band.

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