The Big Allotment Challenge episode 3

This episode started off with carrots. I love carrots, what ever colour I decide to plant that year. I’ve grown various colours over the years from purple and black, through to rainbow and the ones we know, the good old fashioned orange ones. There are so many varieties to choose from, and here is one of my videos to show you, here are some varieties you may want to plant. As the contestants showed us the varieties they were going to grow, I kept saying…”yep, grown them, and them, and them, oh they’re good ones”. It was lovely to see that they all had decided to grow different varieties, and also in many different ways. Some were very technical, and used dust bins, drain pipes filled with sand and pots. But Kate and Eleanor were the only gardeners to sow their carrots seeds straight in the soil in their patch, and then won “Best in show” for their carrots. Congratulations ladies! Alex and Ed grew the longest carrots I have ever seen, and Gary and Pete managed to grow some carrots of such bizarre shapes I did have a giggle. What ever shape and size your carrots are, it doesn’t matter, they all taste wonderful. Next was the table decoration and gladioli showing. I love gladioli, they are all such vibrant rich colours, and do attract the bees. They do have a tendency to bend over if they get too heavy up the top, so staking is essential. And finally chutney. We all make this at some point with various gluts of produce, it’s finding a recipe that’s the tricky bit. Such a shame we had to say goodbye to Michelle and Sally the most glamorous gardeners I think any of us know. I’m sure they’ll look back on their time on the show as a wonderful experience. How they manage to keep their nails looking so immaculate is beyond me. I’m forever catching mine.

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