The Big Allotment Challenge.

Will you be watching tonight? I will, with great interest. Not just because it’s about allotments, but because my friend Sally and I auditioned last year for this. We got down to the last 12 pairs of people, and they needed 9 pairs. Still never mind! The Big Allotment Challenge tonight on BBC2 at 8pm. Good luck to everyone involved, and hope you have fun.

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7 Responses to The Big Allotment Challenge.

  1. Hope you’ve tried again this year!

  2. lovely post and it funny I did the same but did not get to meet anyone as David changed his mind and thought it would not be fair on the dogs to be left all day over the weekends

  3. Julie Ebison says:

    Just watched it Claire. Would have loved to have seen you in it. You know how we love our reality TV in this house!!! X

    • To be honest, with the weather as it was last year, I’m glad I wasn’t in it. The Spring was really crap, but then from May onwards it was brilliant. Just means I got to spend more time on my allotment.

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