Monday 14th April 2014 – More potting on.

Well this afternoon I spent more time potting on some seedlings. Today was the turn of the Cabbage “Primo (II)” and the Brussels Sprouts “Camelot F1”. I started with the Brussels and apparently there were supposed to be 40 seeds in the packet. I potted on 36 for myself, then 9 for my sister, and I was still left with at least another 15 -20! Most of them were a bit small and scrawny, so not really any good for anyone. I then moved on to my Cabbage. Why would a pack have 500 seeds in, and then they expect you to use them all in 2 years? I know we love cabbage, but just think of the wind it would produce!! Anyway, I potted on again 36 for myself, and 9 for my sister, and will have to have a think about what to do with the rest. I must have about 20 or so left, but we’ve got an allotment plant sale coming up in May, so I’ll see if I can find space to store them until then. That’s all for today, see you tomorrow…..Claire out!

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4 Responses to Monday 14th April 2014 – More potting on.

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    lovely Claire

  2. Yes, it is mad almost that a seed packet would contain so many seeds. I know they don’t all germinate but…. Anyway, you’re doing well with your brassicas 🙂

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