Friday 4th April 2014 – They’re all in!

I got the final 58 onions in the ground today, so that 263 to be precise! Hopefully they’ll all grow beautifully, and we’ll have loads to last us well into next spring and hopefully beyond. I also managed to get one tray of Apache potatoes in, I’ve still got another tray of these to go, and then loads more, but I’ll keep you updated as and when I sow them. And of course there was the obligatory weeding and manuring to do. I’m running very low on manure, but my dear friend Clair is getting me some more in the next couple of weeks, so that’s fab news. Oh and finally, I was looking at my little birdies this morning, and I think they’ve laid an egg! I’m very excited! There should be lots more laid in the next few days, so when there’s a decent number I’ll put a photo up for you to see.

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