Thursday 3rd April 2014 – Nearly there with the Onions.

That’s another 57 onions planted today, only 2 more trays to go. So far that’s 205 onions planted so far!! That should keep us going for a while over the winter and into the spring. Another fun filled morning for me, which comprised of weeding, manuring and wood chipping. It’s getting there, I feel like I’m making progress and there is light at the end of the tunnel. I may even take up some potatoes tomorrow and start to get those in. The kids break up for the Easter holidays tomorrow, but they’re old enough for me to pop down to the allotment for a bit. They have strict instructions about what to do and not do, and I’m not far away if they have a problem. I must email my friend Clair as I need more manure, and she has a trailer that she can attach to the back of her car. I feel lots more shovelling to come.

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6 Responses to Thursday 3rd April 2014 – Nearly there with the Onions.

  1. great news are you doing any video this season ?

  2. I like to leave all the technical stuff to Mark. He knows what to do. I’ll stick to the gardening.

  3. keith says:

    We done you. Asa you kids are old enough to leave for a while. Are they also old enough to be press ganged in to shovelling manure when the time comes? You know how they “Like” to be involved 🙂

    • I don’t think they’d appreciate me asking them to come and shovel a load of manure. Actually George might not mind. I can’t really complain as they do eat all I grow, even the weird stuff.

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