The Bootleg Beatles.

Last night Mark and I took the kids to see The Bootleg Beatles at the Royal Albert Hall. We’d never seen them before, and also none of us had even seen the actual Beatles sing live before as we’re all too young. I think my mum went to see the Beatles, but before Beatlemania began. My dad is a huge fan of them, but again, I don’t think has never seen them live. The Bootleg Beatles are the next best thing, and are amazing. They played for an hour, then had a quick break, then played for another hour and a half. Everyone was up and dancing and having a wonderful time. They played so many well known songs, starting from the beginning, dressed in grey suits, and then changing clothes and moving on to Sergeant Pepper, and then beyond, to just before they split. For me the best bits were, when George Harrison played “My guitar Gently Weeps”, it was just him onstage playing and a small orchestra in the back ground. And also “Hey Jude”, everyone was singing, and swaying along. I looked round at this point, and saw the whole audience doing the same thing, it must have been amazing looking out from the stage. If you ever get a chance, go and see them, it’s so worth it.

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