Wednesday 2nd April 2014 – I haven’t used those muscles for a while!

Now I’m quite a strong little lass, after all I’m a church bell ringer, so I regard myself as being fairly strong on the upper part of my body. Bell ringing is very good for you as it exercises all sorts of muscles on your top half, as well as several in your lower half, and also your brain (you may beg to differ on this one). But I’ve been doing a huge amount of digging in the last week or so, and have found some muscles that haven’t been used for a while. They’re mainly across the tops of my shoulders and the bottom half of my neck, they don’t ache, but sometimes get a little stiff. I’m not sure if it’s all the digging or my age? I’ve got loads more digging to do in the next few months, so I’ll put them through their paces and get them working again. Talking about digging I managed to finish turning over the rest of a huge bed, and a small one today, and covered them in horse manure. One bed is going to have potatoes in, and the other the rest of the onions. I planted another 64 onions today, so I’m getting there slowly but surely. It’s been another warm day, not wall to wall sunshine, but still lovely and no fog. It did start to blob fat rain just as I left, but it didn’t last long, and was quite a nice surprise. We’re out tonight seeing the Bootleg Beatles, so I’d better have a shower before I go. I don’t think anyone will appreciate me smelling of horse manure.

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6 Responses to Wednesday 2nd April 2014 – I haven’t used those muscles for a while!

  1. Janet James says:

    Hi Claire
    Have you ever thought about going over to “No Dig”. It really works and I find that weeding is so much easier. Charles Dowding has published several books on this system and they are really worth a read.
    PS I love your videos and blog

    • I’ll have to investigate how he does it. It may be something that I may try with a bed on my plot that I’ve not used for a while and see how it compares to the rest of my plot. I am curious about it.

  2. Helloooo!
    I’m not sure if I’ve told you (I tell anyone who’ll listen!) I’m having a dabble with a no-dig regime this year. I’ll let you know how I get on and maybe you could have a try at it.
    Hope you’re enjoying your evening. Xx

    • Let me know how you get on with this method. I’m curious about it. To be honest, the soil isn’t that hard to dig over, as it’s been worked so much. It just needs the big fork to break it up a bit to get air into it, and the trowel to take out the weeds. It’s a lot of time on your knees, but then I’ve got a good pair of knee pads.

  3. D’oh! Just realised you’ve already had a no-dig comment. Sorry. Xxx

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