Tuesday 1st April 2014 – Onions away!!

Yes I know it’s April Fools’s day, and our daughter Emily confused us this morning with the cereal (she changed the inside packets over). She told us she was bored! But I think the weather was playing tricks on us this morning. When I woke at 7am the sun was shining and the sky was lovely and blue. Another wonderful day was in store. But then I looked out at about 8.45 and thick fog had closed in? Yes you heard me correctly! Where had the sun gone? The fog stayed with us until about 11am, when it went as quickly as it arrived. Then out came the sun again, and all was happy. I spent two and a half hours on the plot this morning, the first hour and a half in the fog. I did a bit of filming, someone wanted to see me sow Parsnips again, but instead of sowing in a line, I sowed in a block. This year I’ve sown Palace F1, not sown them before, so it’ll be interesting to see how they turn out. Then I did some more digging, weeding and manuring, and started to get in some of my onion sets. Unlike the garlic all the onions that I started off in half toilet rolls have sprouted beautifully and have got loads of wonderful roots growing. Today I planted 84, and that’s not even half of them. I’ll get some more in tomorrow as it’s supposed to be another brilliant day….hopefully no more fog though.

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