Saturday 5th April 2014 – An unpleasant discovery!

Now I don’t usually go down to the allotment at the weekend as you’ve most probably guessed. But I was on a roll with the potatoes, and wanted to get some more in before the rains came. It was very busy this morning on site, with loads of allotment holders digging away. Some very familiar faces and some that I’ve never seen before. We were all busy digging away and enjoying the sunshine. I wanted to get the rest of my Apache potatoes in, having got the first half in the day before. So that’s 1 variety in, only another 2 to go. I’ll sneak down during the Easter break. The beds are ready for them, so it shouldn’t be too difficult to get them in. My long handled bulb planter is brilliant. I purchased this one which is my second and is wooden, as the first one was metal, and I broke it. I’ve had it now for about 3 years, and it was well worth the extra money. It makes putting potatoes in so easy. Having got my potatoes in, I then turned my attention to weeding the rest of a rather large bed that I was half way through. It’s the old Brassica bed, so having cut down any remaining plants that were past their prime I was working my way very quickly through it. The soil is getting quite dry, as believe it or not, we’ve not had any decent rain for quite a while now. When I let out a squeal!! There in the corner of the bed was a squashed rat!! Dead of course. You could see it’s little feet still, but NO head!! I admit, I did squeal like a girl. Mick who has a plot very close to me heard, and came over. He gave me 2 carrier bags to put it in, as asked if I needed help getting it in the bags. I felt that I was brave enough to cope with such a horrible thing. I used my trowel to get it in the bag, then double bagged it, and hung it on my compost heap to take with me when I went home. I would just like to say that I didn’t put it in my bin at home, but as I was driving home I stopped at a litter bin and popped it in, giving a little shudder as I did so. A thorough scrubbing of the hands was done before I stared preparing lunch, which was bacon rolls……Squashed rat sandwich anyone?

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