Friday 17th January 2014 – Dodging the showers for some leeks.

Well, my onions have very nearly run out (clearly I didn’t plant enough again last year. Though they did last us 6 months). So I’m now working my way through my leeks, digging them up as I need them. They’re called “Below Zero”, so they don’t mind a bit of cold weather. To be honest, it’s not been what I’d call really cold so far this winter, very mild in fact. I’m not sure if that’s a good sign for a hot summer this year or what. Anyway, I’ve just got back from a rather squelchy plot, as first thing this morning we had a massive down pour and as I was taking George to school (he usually walks, but he’s broken his ankle), we had to go through 2 areas of flooding over the entire road. Now hopefully the underside of the car may be a little cleaner. I digress….I dug up another 5 leeks, which have done really well this year. I’m very pleased with them all. Usually I tend to get some lovely sized ones, and all the rest are medium, but this this year they’re all lovely sized ones. I think that 5 should be enough for our dinners this weekend, and then I’ll dig up some more next week, as and when I need them. My new purple wellingtons are working brilliantly. I asked Father Christmas for some more as my pink ones had all cracked from over use. I must have been good because he got me some.

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