Whopper Parsnips – Claire’s Allotment part 221

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4 Responses to Whopper Parsnips – Claire’s Allotment part 221

  1. keith says:

    omg. Well done you. I’m quite jelous. I have grown parsnips before and done ok, but this year mine are really small. (About the size of useable carrots!) I will be trying again next year, but would be interested to hear what you think went wrong with mine.

    • clairesallotment says:

      Parsnips take a long time to grow and you have to give them time. Sow in early to mid March unless it’s really cold. Sow in a drill thinly spacing the seeds. Water, and then leave. If the soil gets dry then water again. When they start to shoot, make sure you keep the bed weed free, and just let them grow. You don’t have to water much as they’ll send down a tap root to find water. If the soil does get very dry then do water. Treat as you would carrots. Leave in the soil until you’ve have a first decent frost and then dig up as and when you need them. They’re very hardy so don’t mind frozen soil. Dig the final ones up by February. If you have a very hot spell, then I fed mine with seaweed fertiliser once every 10 – 14 days. Not sure if that made them grow really large or what. Hope this helps.

  2. weedkiller says:

    Hi Claire! Your parsnips are the same size as mine. I thought that was normal! I sowed mine in may 2013. One parsnip is actually more than enough for both of us.

    • It seems to have been a brilliant year for parsnips. Very slow to start with, and then a proper summer. After all this rain so far this year, I hope it’s a good sign for another brilliant summer, and NO hosepipe ban (but there will be though).

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