What do you want to see me grow? – Claire’s Allotment part 220

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11 Responses to What do you want to see me grow? – Claire’s Allotment part 220

  1. Kimba says:

    tomatillos – we planted them last year but I would like some advice on supporting them as the fruits are so heavy they break the stems.

  2. Janet James says:

    Have you tried Oca or Yacon

    • clairesallotment says:

      That could be interesting. I’ll have to think about those, as they only like gently frosts, and we don’t get those.

      • Janet James says:

        I have grown oca for two years now and have converted some of my fellow “lottie plotters”. They are so pretty (the oca not the “lottie plotters).This year I tried yacon. Had a good crop but finding it very difficult to find recipes other than to eat it raw (it tastes very good raw). Both were harvested after the first frosts which in Somerset were very late this year.

  3. Jon W says:

    I’m trying Oca this year. Was worried that Yacon might have the same undesirable side effects as Jerusalem artichokes !

  4. moonbase1 says:

    Peanuts please. I have a bag of raw Monkey Nuts. Some I am shelling and potting up now. I’m choosing the ones that look most uniform.

  5. shaz says:

    can you grow okra

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