Monday 7th October 2013 – Another bed dug!!

Well this afternoon I was determined to finish turning over a rather large bed at one end of my plot. Thankfully I did, so I was a very happy bunny. I worked so speedily through it that I then went to the other end of one of my plots and started on the big Rhubarb bed. When digging parts of this one over I disturbed several large red ants nest, but managed not to get bitten, even with a hole in the thumb of my gloves. I think next time I’m in Homebase, I’ll have to get another pair to last me this season. So far this year I’ve gone through about 3 pairs, so for me that’s not too bad. The weather is still warm, but apparently it’s supposed to turn much colder by Thursday, so I’d better make the most of gardening in my t-shirt and leggings as I may have to get my woolly hat out soon. I don’t like getting cold ears.

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