A very weird Saturday afternoon.

You know when you plan to do something, and then it never turns out that way? Well this is what happened on Saturday afternoon for me. Mark was taking the kids to Comic Con (not really my thing) at Earls Court, and I was going to spend the afternoon in the garden doing all those things that I’d not got round to doing. At Comic Con, Emily was having her photo taken with Hannah Spearritt (Primeval) and George was having his photo taken with Sam Jones (Flash Gordon). They all left at just before 1.30 to catch the train, and all was going well until 2pm when Mark called in a panic. There was a problem with the trains, and they could get no further than Raynes Park! For those of you who don’t know this is quite a long way from Earls Court. So giving up my gardening afternoon, I got in the car and drove to Raynes Park to pick them all up. Mark then drove to Earls Court, as he knows his way better around London than I do. Time was ticking away, and it was a bit tight, as Emily had a slot for her photo, and we were getting rather short of time. Mark dropped the kids and I off at the entrance, and I rushed in with them. Having no sense of direction I frantically asked a helper on the front desk to take us to where Emily needed to go (which wasn’t far away). Emily made the photo time slot with 5 minutes to spare, which she was really pleased about. She was getting a bit worried in the car, as she’d been looking forward to seeing Hannah for so long. Mark found a place to park, and joined us, and we wandered round the hall. Now I like some Sci-fi stuff, but don’t go the extremes of  dressing up. I have nothing against it per say, but I did find myself giggling for the first hour or so at various costumes. I was pleasantly surprised how many I knew, but some I had no idea what they were supposed to be. What did make me giggle a lot was some ice cube trays that make the shape of Han Solo in carbonite (end of the second Star Wars film). I did end up getting 3 t shirts with film references on, from the films: Paul, Dodge Ball and Iron Man. I’m sure you’ll see those in future videos. We left just before 6pm, and arrived home at about 6.30pm. Not the way any of us had hoped to spend the day, but don’t tell Mark….I did quite enjoy it.

George with Same Jones.

George with Same Jones.

Emily with Hannah Spearritt.

Emily with Hannah Spearritt.

Emily dressed as Mindy and someone dresses as Hit Girl. I'm at the back looking confused.

Emily dressed as Mindy and someone dresses as Hit Girl. I’m at the back looking confused.

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2 Responses to A very weird Saturday afternoon.

  1. Ian says:

    Fab, glad you enjoyed it, living so far from London I never get to such exciting events, even considered travelling to US for ComicCom in the past. Lucky you

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