Tuesday 8th October 2013 – The last of the Popcorn is picked.

In between digging, (which can get a bit exhausting after a while) I went to harvest all my Strawberry Popcorn. I seem to have loads of it this year, which is great news for movie night! You wait until the casing of the cobs has gone brown, then pull it off the plant and take all the outer casing off, and leave the bare cobs to dry in a frost free place for about a month or so. Popcorn is so much fun, and if you pop it yourself, then you can add all sorts of flavourings to it, with no added stuff that they put in the shop bought stuff. It was then home for lunch, and what I’ll do this afternoon I really don’t know yet. But I’m sure I’ll find something to do…….like ironing!!!!

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