Friday 27th September 2013 – What a difference cooler weather makes to the soil.

When I’d got all my plants in the allotment at the middle of this season this year, I had a bed at the very end that I’d left untouched last year, and not used so far this year. With nothing to do on the allotment (that doesn’t happen very often) I decided to start and turn it over. But because the weather had been so hot and dry, the soil was like concrete. I managed to dig a very small part of it and then gave up. I don’t give up very often, but thought that it could wait until later in the Autumn when we’d had some rain. So this afternoon I gave it another go. Oh my goodness it was so easy! I managed 2 barrow loads of weeds, stinging nettles and grass in about 45 minutes! I’m a speedy girl. It’s now so easy to dig and turn over, just because the weather has now cooled down, and we’ve had some rain. I was on a role with it, but had to stop because I needed to get home for the kids. They can get in the house themselves, but they do like me to be at home to greet them after their hard day. They get lonely if I’m not in. If I’m working I’ll leave them a little note on the kitchen side with juice and a snack for them both. Then instructions to start their homework, and roughly what time I’ll be home. Then they’re happy, especially when I get home, then it’s all cuddles and snuggles. My mum was the same, so I guess it’s just what we do. 

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