Thursday 26th September 2013 – I was caught singing (or trying to) today by another plot holder.

How long they’d be standing at the end of my plot is anyones guess. Hopefully they were just passing from one of their plots to another. I do get carried away when I’m digging, and it’s not that I have my music loud or anything, it’s just that my earphones are really good and snug in my ears. I can’t really remember what I was singing at the time, but I don’t think it was anything rude. But apart from that I had a very successful morning digging another couple of beds and in the process harvesting some potatoes that I’d missed. I really do think that I’ve dug all my Potatoes up now, but you never know. If I have left the odd one in the soil, then they’ll sprout next Spring and then I’ll find them. I also harvested another Cabbage. I’m really chuffed with them this year as they’ve grown really well, and most importantly they taste fantastic. It’s the first year that I’ve grown them really, so it’s definitely something to grow again. They don’t need any special care, just a net over the top to stop the birds, but that’s really it.

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4 Responses to Thursday 26th September 2013 – I was caught singing (or trying to) today by another plot holder.

  1. Liz says:

    Hi, I love your blog and have picked up lots of tips for my new allotment I took on in May this year. Do you have any pictures of your allotment that show an overview of your plots?

    • I’m so glad you find my blog useful. At the moment the allotment is looking rather bare as I’m clearing all the produce and getting it ready for winter. So next year when it’s in full flow, then I’ll take pictures and post them on the blog. Hope that’s ok. Hope you’re having fun on your allotment, what has been your greatest success so far this year?

  2. keith says:

    caught singing. er…………. me too, but I’ve been told my voice is terrible, tone deaf and completely out of tune.(by my wonderful wife!) I’ve just bought a the latest “BellowHead” album.

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