TomTato from Thompson and Morgan.

Yes you are reading this right, and it’s not a spelling error. I got an email from Thompson and Morgan today and they have a new plant called the TomTato!! Now I’m all for growing interesting plants, as you know, but haven’t we always been told to keep our Tomatoes and Potatoes apart from each other because they both get Blight and can give it to each other? This is rather odd, and slightly alien. I’m not sure if I could bring myself to try one of these. If anyone is brave enough, please let me know how you get on.

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6 Responses to TomTato from Thompson and Morgan.

  1. I was only talking to someone the other day that we should try and graft something on our plot,them Tomtato do look good but it’s a bit steep in price for them.

  2. Andreae says:

    There is a gardening writer named Derek Fell, American I think, who describes how to graft tomato and potato plants in his book Vertical Gardening ( My thought was the same as yours – wouldn’t this make them more susceptible to blight? Apparently he’s been doing it for ages without trouble, though, so who knows? I can’t say that I’d bother, and I certainly wouldn’t pay that much money for one (that’s $25 Canadian!)…

    • clairesallotment says:

      Vertical gardening is good if you’re very limited on space. If growing grafter tomatoes and potatoes works for him, then far dos. But I think I’ll stick to keeping them separate.

  3. Mark Hanson says:

    I agree bit too pricey at the moment but seems a nice idea. 🙂

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