Wednesday 25th September 2013 – Digging can be very exhausting, but beware of fizzy water!

Well another glorious day to play on the allotment…I say play, but I’m really working hard. Digging and turning the soil over for 2 hours straight can get very exhausting, and occasionally you need to sit down (or perch your bottom on your compost heap) and have a rest. I had a bit of an accident this morning with my bottle of fizzy flavoured water. Yes, I’m sure you can imagine what happened. I’d drunk some, and put it down to continue playing in the soil, and then picked it up for another swig. I didn’t shake it or anything, but it fizzed quite a lot, and the fizz came out of the bottle and went up my nose. I don’t think anyone saw, but it’s a very strange sensation. I don’t suggest you try it, but just be warned with fizzy stuff. Anyway, after I’d composed myself I then continued digging. I harvest a couple of Butternut Squash, but I think they were a bit confused as to what shape they’re supposed to be. Instead of the normal shape they tend to be, mine decided to grow round, about the size of a tennis ball! Don’t ask, I’m not going to even try to figure that one out. Anyway, the plant was brown, and the skins of the Butternuts were yellow, so they were ready. Having dug for 2 hours it was time to come home for lunch. Let’s see what mischief I can get up to tomorrow.

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