Tuesday 24th September 2013 – A foggy day, at Claire’s Allotment…..

It didn’t make me low or make me down, just incase you were wondering. It was the first fog we’ve had this Autumn, but it soon cleared and the sun came out and was really hot!! I think we got up to 21 degrees. It was quite chilly when I first got to the allotment, but soon I was shedding my layers (no naked gardening though). I think I’ve now dug up all my Potatoes, unless I find some lurking somewhere that I’ve forgotten about. I think we’ve now got loads to eat, and hopefully they’ll keep us going til into the New Year, or maybe even longer. I also harvested all my Popcorn Fiesta, so they’re now drying in a cardboard tray in the greenhouse. The best cardboard trays to use are the ones you find in the supermarket that they keep the fruit in. Just reshuffle the fruit around and put one in your trolley. They’re free, and the supermarkets don’t mind. I’ve also dug over another bed ready for the winter. I’ll have to get a load of manure soon, but that’ll have to wait for a bit. Home for some well earned lunch, but I think a shower first and a change of clothes, as I don’t smell very ladylike at the moment.

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2 Responses to Tuesday 24th September 2013 – A foggy day, at Claire’s Allotment…..

  1. jo says:

    Hi there, I have been following your progress with the popcorn fiesta because my daughter & I planted some in our allotment too. We have harvsted the cobs & I am just wondering what to do with them now! I take it they need to dry out? Whats the best way to do this? & would they be ok strung up in our garage? How dry do they need to be? Best wishes, Jo.

    • What you need to do with the corn is to take off all the outer casing, and leave them in a dry, frost free place for about 1 month. A garage is preferable, or a shed. Mine are in the greenhouse, but I may have to move them soon. After about a month take one cob and brush with a little butter, then pop in the microwave (make sure it’s clean). The popcorn with pop away, and end up all over your microwave, but it’s easy to pick it all up. Give the cob a couple of minutes, maybe a minute more if needed.

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