Monday 23rd September 2013 – What’s been eating my Popcorn?

If you’ve read my previous blog from today, let me reassure you that before I went down the allotment I got dressed, and was not some mad lady gardening in her pj’s. I’ve dug over another 2 beds of Potatoes. I’ve nearly dug them all up…I think, but I’m sure I’ll find some that I’ve forgotten about. Then I went to look at my various types of corn. The normal large Sweetcorn has now finished, and I had the last few small ones for my lunch. Then I went to look at my Britpop Popcorn, and noticed that some of the cobs have been partly eaten. Firstly I blamed the mice (I know we have some on site, as I’ve seen 1, and after all it’s like a field in places), then the pigeons and finally the crows. But then as I was harvesting it I noticed red ants on the cobs. So I think I owe the mice and birds an apology as I think the blasted red ants have been having a nibble. Having shaken them all off, I harvested the lot, they were ready anyway, and then I dug up the plants and turned over the bed they were in. Now the potatoes need to go in the greenhouse to dry for a bit before going in their potato sack in the shed, and the corn to, before I take it all off the cobs and store for snack time over the winter.

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