Can anyone help with my little conundrum?

There I was this morning hanging my washing out on the line in my pj’s (I’m allowed to), when I looked down and saw these little yellow eggs on my grass. They were no were else on the lawn. Does anyone know what they are? I know they’re not Lady Bird eggs, as I’ve seen those before, and I was wondering if they were Crane Fly (Daddy Longlegs) eggs instead, but they’re darker brown/black. Can anyone help me with this little question as I’m curious?

What are these eggs that appeared on my grass, anyone know?

What are these eggs that appeared on my grass, anyone know?

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9 Responses to Can anyone help with my little conundrum?

  1. Ed says:

    Looks like snail eggs.

    Or it might be what we here in the states call dog vomit slime mold. but my guess slug/snail eggs.


    • I don’t think it’s anything to do with snails or slugs. They tend to be under the soil, and they are much larger, and cream in colour. Someone suggested grass hoppers, and that seems very possible. I’ve got to mow the grass tomorrow, so that will disperse them. Can’t have them all hopping about my lawn eating my plants.

  2. I still think it’s ladybirds eggs. There are a lot of different species around at the moment so maybe they don’t look like the ones you’re used to. We certainly had them being very active in the warm and humid weather around our garden yesterday so they may have been laying eggs. Haven’t noticed any, but then we did mow the lawn yesterday. We’ve always been a haven for ladybirds though.

  3. HLS81 says:

    I can’t really see from the photo how big they are but my suspicion would be harvest mites! They cling to blades of grass waiting for a dog or something to walk past and jump on for a snack! My dog had loads last year and they looked very similar. I had to look really closely to realise they were alive! Could be wrong though!

    • By the evening they’d turned black, and now a couple of days later they’re dark grey. We don’t have dogs or cats in our house, so they’re out of luck to jump on them. We do get the occasional cat that if it’s brave enough will wander in our garden, so hopefully they’ll go on them. The eggs are about the size of a pin head.

  4. The eggs finally turned grey, and then stayed that way for about a week. But I then had to mow the grass, so they’ve gone now. They’d not hatched yet, so I may never know….til next year when they appear again.

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