Perfect way to spend a Sunday with the family.

Well we had a little trip today to various places. Firstly we drove down to Chiddingstone village in Kent. If you’ve not been to see it, and you’re in the area do. It’s very olde worlde, with a few shops, a church, several walks to various places, tea rooms, and most importantly a pub. We arrived about 11am, and went to find the Chiding Stone. The nagging wives used to be taken there to be told off (if we didn’t nag the world would fall apart). Then as we were walking back to the road the church service was finishing, and the bells started to ring. Being a bell ringer and not wanting to miss an opportunity to go and ring some other bells, I left Mark and the kids and went to investigate. I’d just like to add, I didn’t just run off and leave them in the middle of the village, but asked first.  I could only hear 5 bells ringing, and it’s always better with 6. Mark said I could take as long as I wanted and they would be the pub having a drink. So off I pootled and rang all sorts of interesting stuff. It was good that I turned up because a little later there were 8 of us so, we could get all 8 bells going instead. I was in very good company as one members of the band rang at Canterbury Cathedral!! So 45 minutes later I found them in the pub and we ordered lunch. Afterwards we wandered round the village for a bit and then got back in the car and drove to Chartwell House. It’s a lovely place to go and have a wander round. We went inside the House and had a nose, then wandered down to the lake where the black swans decided that George look interesting. So we made sure he didn’t get too close as the male one could become aggressive. We then wandered to the Rose garden, the Pet Graves (you’ve got to do this bit) and then finally the Kitchen Garden. It was all set up so lovely and neatly, with some produce harvested and others still growing. I noticed a mis-spelling on one of the Beetroot labels. There were some massive pumpkins, which I can only dream of growing (one year I will grow a huge one!). After a good old wander round we went to have afternoon tea, then I went to look in the shop, and of course purchased 3 plants, then we left to drive home. We arrived home at about 4.30, so a full on day, and lots to tell you.

All so neatly planted in rows.

All so neatly planted in rows.the back.


Their Pumpkin bed. There were some huge ones at the back.

Their Pumpkin bed. There were some huge ones at the back.

Mis-spelling I noticed, should be "Boltardy". Trust me to notice.

Mis-spelling I noticed, should be “Boltardy”. Trust me to notice.
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