Friday 20th September 2013 – More Potatoes and lots of Garlic to keep the Vampires away.

What a glorious day today, and the weekend is supposed to be good also. I’ve got lots I want to do in the garden, so that’s what I’ll be doing this weekend. We can’t really go anywhere tomorrow because of the Tour of Britain Cycle race. But that’s not a problem, it’s Saturday and I don’t want to go out anyway. I popped to the allotment this morning, and turned over a large bed with Potatoes and Garlic in. They’re now in the greenhouse drying. I didn’t dig up as many Potatoes as last time, but still a fair amount. And all the Garlic is up. All but one bulb was normal (there has got to be one strange on…it’s me). It was just a round bulb, like it hadn’t divided itself at all. The only 2 plants left in the bed are Butternut Squash. But they’re still growing. Hopefully with the rest up, they can spread themselves about and have fun.

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