Wednesday 18th September 2013 – I think I’ve got enought potatoes to last us a while, don’t you?

Having not been able to get down the allotment for a couple of days because the weather has been so crap, I was starting to pace. But today was dry and sunny, so off I went to see what else I could find to bring home. The Popcorn are nearly ready. You have to wait for the outer leaves to go light brown and papery. I’ve got various colours, so we’ll have very interesting snacks when watching our films at home. I also took out the Courgette and Squash plants, as the leaves have started to loose their green colour, which means they’ve slowed right down. I picked a few very tiny Courgettes, and various Squashes. The Butternuts are still growing, and so are the Pumpkins, but they can stay in for a little while longer as they’ve got hard skins and can cope with the cooler conditions. I harvested another couple of Cabbages, some normal Sweetcorn, and some Baby Corn, the Shallots, some Sweet Potatoes, that actually did well, some more French Beans, Beetroot and a few Carrots. Now, lets talk about Potatoes shall we. I planted my normal amount of seed potatoes, a little later than normal as the weather was so cold at the beginning of the season. I’m not sure what I did, was it the Shropshire Seaweed feed, or the weather, perhaps my soil. To be honest I’ll never know. But they’ve been absolutely brilliant this year. I dug up 12 plants this morning and got 11.7kg of potatoes! Some of them are big enough for jacket potatoes, and the rest are decent sized potatoes. No piddly little small ones for me this year. I’ve still got lots more to dig up, but I think we’ll have enough Potatoes to last us for a good while yet, maybe even through to when I harvest next years ones.

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4 Responses to Wednesday 18th September 2013 – I think I’ve got enought potatoes to last us a while, don’t you?

  1. Potato Glut. 😉

    Well done on a great haul.

  2. My ‘Cara’ baker’s were huge but my Charlotte pot’s were rubbish this year.

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