Tuesday 1st October 2013 – Got nibbled on the neck today…and no it wasn’t Mark!

As the leaves of the French Beans are turning yellow, I decided that it was time for them to be pulled up and put in the compost heap. I removed any good sized beans, and then when they were all up, I turned the soil over. I also pulled the last of the Carrots up, and some more Beetroot. After a slow start the Beetroot has really taken off, so I’ll be boiling that up later and then storing it in the freezer for Mark. It’ll be manure time soon, so I’ve asked a friend who has a horse at a local stables if we can load her trailer up a few times with manure to put on my plot. She’s done it for me before, it’s much easier than loading up my car. I can’t attach the trailer to our car as we don’t have a tow bar. I gave her some cakes and a bottle of wine last time. So in preparation for this I’ve been clearing the bed at the end. I’ve nearly finished digging it over, so when the time is right I’ll dump a load of poo there. Then in the following days spread it about. As I was leaving I had a pain on the back of my neck, little bugger of a red ant had somehow got on my T-shirt, and climbed up to my neck and bitten me. It really hurt, and for a while the inside of my mouth felt a bit odd. Thankfully the pain has now gone, but I’ve still got a lump. Who invented these horrible little things? They’re on the same par as wasps……pointless animals to be invented.

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