Tuesday 10th September 2013 – Beans, beans, and yet more beans.

Well the runner beans have practically finished, so after I’d harvest what I could I pulled them out and put them in the compost heap. Runner beans are very high maintenance, not as easy as French Beans at all. They’re easy enough to grow, but when it comes to preparing them for eating, you have to top and tail, then take off the side bit, then slice them. And they get stringy very easily. French beans are far easier as you just have to top and tail them, and they’re ready. I think next year I’ll give Runners a miss and just stick with French ones. I also harvested all my Broad Beans, some Carrots, Beetroot, some purple French Beans, green French Beans and a few rogue Potatoes. Now I have the enviable task of sorting them all out. A cup of tea and some good music should do the trick. I seem to have loads of beans, I’ve not weighed them, but I’ve got a fabric shopping  bag full of runners, and half a fabric bag of green French beans……..What veg shall we have with dinner tonight?

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9 Responses to Tuesday 10th September 2013 – Beans, beans, and yet more beans.

  1. lindasgarden says:

    awesome post Claire and thanks for sharing

  2. Charis says:

    I’m with you on being over run with runners! And I still have way too many courgettes coming, I’m running out of courgette based meal ideas now!

  3. paul says:

    Yes i to prefer french beans, although i grew some white lady runners and are nice and no string , i always pick young , purple queen have gone mad as has the cobra climbing filled 1 freezer already, people are taken back by the purple queens
    Question i have grown some winter squash how do you tell when to pick them ?

    • I grew the no string runners one year, and they were brilliant. It is best to pick them when they’re small. The ones you can buy in the shops, apart from having no flavour, are too big and therefore too stringy. Winter squash is ready whenever you are. Depending on what type they are, depends on the size they should be. They should have a hard skin, but make sure you pick them before the first frosts. If the plant starts to go brown, then harvest the fruits as they won’t grow anymore. Some are ready from early September, but if you do pick them too early they won’t taste off, just be a bit small. When you’ve harvested them, then leave them in a frost free place until you need them. They usually store (if unblemished) for about 3 months.

  4. Kimba says:

    I love all beans and find preparing runners quite therapeutic after a long day at work. Just seen a recipe for runner bean coleslaw – might just give it a try!

    Courgette ideas: http://www.bbcgoodfood.com/howto/guide/top-10-things-do-courgettes

    • I had a quick look at those recipes, they look lovely, I must give some of those a try, especially the stuffed ones. Runner bean coleslaw, that does sound nice. Did you know that Coleslaw is a Dutch word and it translates as “cabbage salad”?

  5. Les Buckwalter says:

    My grandfather was Dutch. and I love coleslaw.

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