September Sale at Victoriana Nursery Gardens, and Chilli Day

I got this from Victoriana, it’s their latest offers, and information about their Chilli and Craft Day on Saturday 21st September. If you’re free, pop along to see them. Also there’s a 20% off Fruit trees, use the Code SEP13. See below for all the details:

Challock Chillies and Craft Fair

We’re just a couple of weeks off our annual Chilli Day now (21 September) – a chance to come and taste all the varieties we sell, as well as have a natter with our gardening friends. This year we are expanding things a little with a mini craft fair with stalls as diverse as Woodland Crafts to a giant Paella; if you can make it along, we’d love to see you – full information can be found at Forthcoming Events.

20% off Fruit Trees & Soft Fruits

Now is the perfect time for planting Tree Fruits and Soft Fruits – the ground is still warm so anything planted now will establsih before the onset of Winter – and so roar into growth next Spring! As a ‘seasonal something extra’ you can claim 20% off Fruit Trees and Soft Fruits until the 22nd of September – by example that brings a single apple tree down to just £14.40. To claim this discount use the offer code SEP13 between now and the 22nd of September when shopping for Fruit Trees and Soft Fruits.

So that’s it for September! Follow us on Twitter @Victoriana_NG and you’ll know what we’re up to every day at Victoriana!

Kindest Regards

All At Victoriana

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