Thursday 11th July 2013 – I had a delivery this morning.

Usually Mark get deliveries, but this morning it was my turn. The postman (in his van) turned up with a parcel for ME!! It was the bottles of Seaweed Fertiliser that I’d ordered over the weekend. I’d ordered two bottles, but the very lovely people sent me a free bottle because I put a link about them on my blog, so thank you very much David, I really appreciate it. I took one bottle to the allotment today, and fed those plants that I’d only watered yesterday. I also managed to weed another couple of beds. I’m getting a very rough/sensitive part on my right palm. It’s where the handle on the trowel touches my palm. So far it’s not become a blister and burst, as this can be rather painful. I did get bitten this morning by a red ant, just above my left wrist. It really hurt, and for ages afterwards. It doesn’t seem to have become swollen, but is sensitive to touch. I harvested some red potatoes “Apache”, which we had for dinner, and oh my, they tasted soooooo good. I love this time of year when everything on the plate (except the meat) is from my allotment. Then this afternoon I tidied more of the front garden. We’re having the fence replaced soon, so I need to make sure the plants are trimmed back, and they can get to the fencing. I find it quite upsetting to trim back the plants that have become established, but I know they’ll grow back. It’s like cutting off your arm. I’m sure I’ll cope.

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