Friday 12th July 2013 – Does it really take that long to thoroughly water my plots?

I couldn’t pop to the allotment til this afternoon today, as I was helping Georges’ year with their end of year play. They’re doing really well, and they had their dress rehearsal in front of the whole school today. I’m helping them with their diction, and various other things to do with staging. I’m not sure if they’re fed up of me yet, because I keep saying to them “Louder and slow down!!” But they’ve been great, and I know they’ll do really well for their 2 performances in front of the parents. So this afternoon once I’d had some lunch I pottered down to water, as this weekend is going to be a scorcher!! Finally!! It took me an hour and a half to give everything a good water. I’m not using a sprayer on the hose, so therefore I can get the water directly where it is needed and it won’t evaporate straight off the top of the soil. The plot furthest away from the tap I used the hose, but then used the butt for the other one, as Malcolm needed to use the tap. I’m a good girl, and don’t hog the tap like some people do. Once it was all thoroughly soaked I came home and had to do the school run, as George’s school report came out today, and they won’t give them to the kids, only a grown up. His SAT’s result were in the envelope too, and I’m so proud of him, he’s done brilliantly. He got 7 level 5’s and 2 upper level 4’s. They expect them to get mid level 4 at the end of year 6. He’s worked his little smelly socks off, and we’re so proud.  I’ve finished tidying the front garden, and it’s now all neat and tidy, and ready for Del to do the fencing. Now I’ve got to sort out the back garden. This will be fun, as there’s so much to do. I’ve also taken the outlet pipe out of the washing machine, so I can syphon off the water for the garden. I’ve not done that for several years, but the bath water just isn’t enough to keep the garden happy. Well that’s it for the day. If you live down south, be careful in the hot sun over the weekend, and make sure you use suncream.

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