Wednesday 10th July 2013 – Harvesting time.

Having been too knackered yesterday to go to the allotment, I pootled down today to see what mischief I could get up to. Lots as it seems, harvesting time is just beginning, and I was able to harvest my first yellow courgettes “Golden Dawn III F1”, they look so beautiful, and I’m so proud of them. Some sugar snap peas “Quartz”, which I keep eating when I’m down on my plot,  and a few radish “Jutrzenka”. I also weeded another bed, but as we’ve not had any rain for a while, the soil is getting very hard. It doesn’t look like we’ll have any substantial amount of rain for a while, so I’m expecting a hose pipe ban soon, even though we had a wet winter and spring. When ever they mention about having one, the rain them comes. So far it looks like we’re going to get a proper hot summer, but there is still time for it to go tits upwards, excuse the phrase.

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6 Responses to Wednesday 10th July 2013 – Harvesting time.

  1. Janet Ferguson says:

    What lattitude are you at?

  2. Forgive my ignorance, but do you have to water your garden? Or is that just taken care of by the rain? We haven’t had any real rain here in months so I end up watering at least some every day, especially when the temp is over 110. It actually was supposed to dip below 100 for the high today… I almost had to break out a sweater.

    • I know it rains a lot in the UK, but at the moment we’re going through a bit of a heatwave, and haven’t had any decent rain for the last couple of months. Usually in the Spring we don’t need to water because the rain does it for us, but at the moment, the soil is so dry that the plants are starting to wilt, so watering is needed. Last summer (not one I’d like to have again) we had rain all the time. It just depends if the weather decides to give us 4 proper season, of mix them up and keep us on our toes. Today we’re about 30 degrees, which is 86. That’s hot enough for me thank you.

  3. Have had one singular yellow courgette, beautifully formed. Have never grown them before, so a lovely start.

    • Fantastic!! They’re so beautiful and once they start to come, there’s no stopping them. They’ll grow fast, so pick them when they’re on the small side, otherwise before you know it, they’ll turn into marrows.

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