Close to 1,000,000 views!!

Never in a million (please excuse the phrasing) years would I have ever expected my little old Claire’s Allotment You Tube Channel to be at this amazing mile stone. In August 2007 Mark mentioned about me doing gardening videos for You Tube and I believe my words were “Who’d want to watch that?” I’m not often wrong (I am a women after all) but I do admit that I was wrong about this. People watched and commented on my videos, to my utter surprise. And now just over 5 and a half years later I’m very close to one million views. I would like to say a MASSIVE thank you to you all for putting up with me, and listening to my little musings. You seem to have enjoyed them, and the comments have been fantastic. You watch from all over the world which is amazing. I never could have imagined it would have got this far. There will be more videos as the summer goes on, as gardening never stops, well not for me anyway. Thank you xx xx

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15 Responses to Close to 1,000,000 views!!

  1. Nicola says:

    Well done, always enjoy your videos, keep it up, could be the book and the film next

  2. lindasgarden says:

    awesome NEWS Claire always get inspiration from watching your video’s

  3. david gray says:

    Congratulations Claire, Guess some of us were expecting a book to be the next thing and i am sure it will be a best seller too 🙂 What would you say has been your favorite clip so far ?

    • Well a book is due next year. I’m still waiting for a picture, then I’ll blog about it, and put all the links in. My favourite clip…I don’t know. But the most fun I had was when I did my 200th episode! Filming that before the neighbours got up was a challenge. Also not seeing the massive spider on the side of the watering can until nearly too late was fun.

  4. Well done Claire. I’ve got a long way to go to catch up….thanks for all the great videos. Keep up the good work. Eve

  5. Bravo, Claire! As we know, the good and honest work, give us the best result! I am waiting for more videos and I wish you many more viewers! And a book, perhaps!!
    Irene E.

    • I’ve got another couple of films that I need to do next week, so hopefully they’ll be up and running next weekend. And as far as a book, well that’s next year, but I’ll blog about it soon.

  6. Lynn O says:

    Great job, Claire I love your posts and recommend Claire’s allotment to anyone l meet who is vaguely interested in growing their own. I’ve even plugged you in our allotment newsletter. Thanks again!

    Sent from Lynn’s iPhone

  7. Congratulations Claire. When I first started gardening, your videos were a great help. It must have been around the same time you started posting them on You Tube. Now I have a large garden, a blog, a You Tube channel and a book and I write gardening articles for magazines. Thank you so much for being such an awesome inspiration.
    Cheers Sarah (from NZ)

    • I’m so glad you find my little videos helpful, even though you live the other side of the world to me. Sounds like you’ve got loads going on. I’ve got a book coming out next year, but won’t blog about it, til there’s a picture ready.
      Have a great year.

      • Hi Claire. Wow, a book. I shall watch this space as that would definitely be one I’d love to have on my bookshelf. The book writing journey is a really exciting one and is such an amazing thing when you see and hold it for the first time. Enjoy the experience!
        Cheers Sarah : o )

  8. I got some sketches of some of the pictures over the weekend, and they’re exactly what I wanted. I’m so excited.

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