Monday 24th June 2013 – First strawberries, summer must be here.

Well I got very excited this morning when I looked at my strawberry beds, as I had quite a few that were ready for picking. I think we’ve got enough for us all to have enough for pudding this evening, even though I had to try just one to see if it was ok. Well, you’ve got to haven’t you. It was so sweet and delicious, and tasted just like summer. There are a few more that are nearly ready, so give it a couple of days and I’ll be picking some more. I also harvested some more radish. They seem to be growing brilliantly, what ever the weather is, and I planted in my “Blue Lake” Climbing French beans. They’d been acclimatising on the garden table, but the wind has been so strong that it had burnt the leaves, so I had to throw some out as the growing tips had been burnt away. Still I had enough to put on my wig wams, so that’s ok. I also managed to dig more of another bed which I’ll be putting some other bits in, most probably more brassicas, but I’ll make that decision when I come to it.

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