Wednesday 19th June 2013 – Very humid today.

Well I was working this morning doing 2 mini beasts workshops with 4 and 5 year olds. They were very sweet. I had to get up a 6am!! I’d forgotten that time actually existed. Then I left the house at 7am to tackle the M25 and M3, oh the joy!! If you know these 2 motorways you’ll understand. But I got home just before 1pm and after I’d had lunch, I finished tidying away all the plant pots I had dotted about the garden, and then potted on some Spanish Aubergines, and my Goji Berries. They’re both doing really well, but the aubergines don’t look like aubergines. Maybe it’s because they’re Spanish I don’t know. The Goji berries are slow, but then they do take time to grow. They don’t get planted outside til the following year, which is quite good, and I need to have a good clear of my fruit patch on the allotment. It’s been very muggy and sticky today, but we are expecting storms tonight. They’re going to be very hit and miss, but I hope we get at least some rain as it’ll clear the air.

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2 Responses to Wednesday 19th June 2013 – Very humid today.

  1. knbjonz says:

    Yah, we don’t have ‘sticky’ issues here much. Humidity today is 9%. Moisture pretty much gets sucked out of anything and everything.

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