Tuesday 18th June 2013 – Yay, I’ve got all my tomatoes planted up!

Finally I think the greenhouse is ready for the summer (apart from a little tidy up of trays and pots) as I think I’ve finally got all my tomatoes in their final pots and ready to go. It’s taken a while, but the “Pineapple”, and “Brandy wine” from Chuck, the “Suncherry”, the last few “Moneymaker”and “Country Taste” are all sorted. I ran out of room in the greenhouse, so have put some in pots to keep in the garden. I also had a few Broad Beans “The Sutton” left, so I put those in pots, and will grow those in the garden, somewhere. I’m not sure where, but I’ll find a place. I also made a few little films: potting on my Cucamelons, Cucumber “Cucuino”, and my Tomato Tree. I’ve now had a well earned bath, got my nightwear on, and am about to go and pick Mark up from the airport. I hope I don’t get stopped by the police, not sure if I can explain why I’m driving in my nightwear.

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6 Responses to Tuesday 18th June 2013 – Yay, I’ve got all my tomatoes planted up!

  1. knbjonz says:

    Interesting… I had to look up tomato tree and cucamelon… hadn’t heard of either one.

  2. Gill says:

    Hi Claire, how are your cucamelons doing? I’m eagerly awaiting your film. I sowed some cucamelons, but only about half the pack germinated and the plants are still really tiny (I sowed them about 6 weeks ago). I don’t think they are going to come to much. I’m curious to see the size of your plants when you potted them on. I think mine are too small, but potting them on could help with growth. Btw…love the blog and the YouTube channel. 🙂

  3. SP says:

    Hi Claire – when are the new videos going to be uploaded. I want to compare my cucamelons! Mine still look a bit small to be planting out

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