Tuesday 18th June 2013 – Found a Radish shaped like bum!

I know that sometimes my veg are not the regulation shape and size, but today, honestly, I pulled up a radish that looked like a pair of bottom cheeks. Mark has the camera so I can’t add a photo of it for you to see, but it did make me chuckle. Doesn’t take much to be honest with you. After I’d recovered from giggling I put in all my Sprouting Broccoli “Red Arrow” and “Spring Sprouting Mixture”. They look very good in their new home, and I made sure I protected them from slugs/snails and the birds from above. I then had a little space left so I planted in some “Moneymaker” Tomatoes, some more Broad Beans called “The Sutton” as the first lot I put in never took, and then got my bean poles all ready, did some weeding and then came home for lunch. Phew! I’ve got bits in the greenhouse to do this afternoon, not sure how much I’ll get done, I’ll have to see.

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6 Responses to Tuesday 18th June 2013 – Found a Radish shaped like bum!

  1. lindasgarden says:

    do you have a camera on your mobile Claire ?

  2. mrmuddyg says:

    What about getting a cheap digital camera just for gardening?

    • Mark only took it with him for that day, now he’s back I’ve got it. I can barely use the video camera correctly, I can’t figure out how to use something else complicated. I’m a very simple girlie.

  3. Irene E. from Piraeus (Ειρήνη Ε.) says:

    Good morning, Claire. Well, this winter, we had such a turnip like your radish! As we know, turnips are bigger than radishes. So, you can imagine the icon! I photographed it and I showed it to my friends. This was really for lots of laughs! Nature is unpredictable!
    Have a nice day.
    Irene E. from Piraeus.

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